San Juan Scarves

These luxurious, 3-tone scarves, available in 10 different color combinations, are backstrap woven by a women's association.

Women coop members in San Juan la Laguna by Lake Atitlan , using backstrap looms, blend 3 harmonizing colors in the warp to create a rich, vibrant palette.

The primary color, listed first, is also used in the weft, unifying the piece. Only first class mercerized cotton thread is used.

Scarves are 12 inches wide by 60 inches long with 1 inch fringe.

San Juan Scarf Color Codes:

  • SCA01: Melon, gold, rust
  • SCA02: Magenta, dk. Purple, royal blue
  • SCA03: Turquoise, deep jade, navy
  • SCA04: Lt. blue, purple, lilac
  • SCA05: Dk. Purple, deep blue, lilac
  • SCA06: Lt. blue, royal blue, gray
  • SCA07: Kelly green, lt. green, lilac
  • SCA08: Rust, dk. Brown, gold
  • SCA09: Jade green, celeste, royal blue
  • SCA10: Royal blue, purple, jade green