Palopo Scarves

These stylish scarves, available in 15 different designs with stripes and jaspe (ikat) combinations, are backstrap woven by the cooperative's women's group.

The backstrap loom, used by Mayan women for centuries, is perfect for this narrow product with its warp-based design. Steady tension and deft fingers insure straight lines for stripes and scarf edges. Only first class mercerized cotton thread is used.

The women members of this coop began electing their own Directiva or 5-member governing board in 2002, prior to adult literacy classes funded by El Quetzal. Members of the Directiva make pricing decisions, arrange for the purchase of thread, distribute work, insure uniform quality and arrange meetings.

Scarves are 12 inches wide by 60 inches long with 1 1/2 inches fringe.

San Antonio Palopo Scarf Color Codes:

  • SCB01: Navy with gold, rust, tan, black, maroon
  • SCB02: White with blue, turquoise, gold
  • SCB03: Maroon with gold, black, green
  • SCB04: Black with blue, turquoise, magenta, purple
  • SCB05: Brown with tan, cream, olive
  • SCB12: Black with turquoise, yellow, rainbow
  • SCB06: Triad of maroon, gold, olive, black, cream
  • SCB07: Sienna Brown w/ gold, black, maroon
  • SCB08: Jade green with royal blue, lt. blue, white
  • SCB09: Bold stripes of lt. gold, blue, green, black - w/ jaspe
  • SCB10: Bold stripes of blue, magenta, forest - w/ jaspe
  • SCB11: Moss green with navy, blue, dp. gold, forest
  • SCB12: Black with turquoise, yellow, rainbow
  • SCB13: Bright Multicolor with variegated stripes & jaspe